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Hole Punched Custom Printed Test Tags

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 Hole Punched Custom Printed Test Tags
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We have created a unique appliance test tag with a pre-punched hole design to allow test tags to be cable tied. These tags are specifically designed to suit harsher than normal working environments such as construction sites. The hole punched tags can be used in all environments, both outdoors and indoors featuring our security seal, also known as peel and stick. The tags have a protective laminated layer over the sticker to provide added protection for your tags. They are adhesive backed vinyl tags and are used all across Australia.

These test tags are custom designed to your suit requirements and are printed on our state of the art digital printer in a full 4 colour printing process.

All tags comply with AS/NZS 3760:2010

Size - 110mm x 35mm - for other size test tags please contact us directly.